It’s FRINGE WORLD time! One of our favourite times of the year. One of the many things we love about Fringe is the joy in its randomness and the gems you find. But, the program is always diverse, getting bigger and better each year, and well, can be overwhelming to figure out what to go to.

So we’ve done some of the hard work for you, and we’ll be sharing our Fringe picks of the week during the festival.

Here’s our hot picks for the first week (or so) of Fringe. Our first hot tip – DO NOT WAIT to get tickets as some shows have already sold out!

A SIMPLE SPACE: if you’re into alarming acrobatics 

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Gravity & Other Myths

When you think Fringe, at some point you think circus. And if you love circus, grab a ticket to A Simple Space. Described as “Cirque du Soleil with a fistful of grit”, there is absolutely nothing simple about A Simple Space. With seven acrobats pushed to their physical limits, accompanied by live percussion, prepare to be blown away. You’ll be inspired to hit the gym after this one!

SUGAR: if you’re having a millennial crisis

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Sugar Show PR

Speaking of acrobatics… And, if you’re tired of the ambiguity of the online world and are in the mood to give it a backflip and get your in-real-life on, it’s probably time to get your SUGAR fix. Touted as your “sticky-sweet solution to your millennial crisis”, this all-female show features aerial acrobatics, circus, comedy and dance, and high-energy vibes. Think Katy Perry meets Beyonce meets a confetti gun. Presented by Paper Haus Theatre Co., SUGAR is sweet, sassy, on mission to smash gender stereotypes and show you how to love yo’self, just as you are. This is a great pick for a girls night out.

CULL: if you’ve ever considered a social media cull

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Kate Pardey

While we’re on the social media train, if you’ve had a dodgy online experience, are considering taking a break from social media or just wanna take the piss out of it, CULL could just be what you’re looking for. Pitched as “a trashy, David Lynchian, wet nightmare sketch show, where all your Facebook freaks come to life, lock you in a room and tag you”, you should probably add CULL to your favourites. Like, share, retweet, repeat.

IMPROMPTUNES – BACHELA-LA-LA: if you’re a Bachelor and Bachelorette fan

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Fates Media

Whether you love or loathe The Bachelor (or it’s your secret guilty pleasure), the Bachela-la-las are back. Brought to you by improv comedy troupe, the Impromptunes, Bachela-La-La is a “high-energy, interactive dating show, where contestants will do anything to win the heart of the Bachela-la-la.” Part-musical, part-game show, which one of your friends are you gonna nominate for a bit of on-stage rrrrrromance?

COMEDY PUB CRAWL: if you like to combine your social activitiesGuide to Fringe 2018

Image: Pub Crawl Comedy FacebookIf you enjoy a drink (tick) and a laugh (tick) – while squeezing in a little exercise (bonus!), the Comedy Pub Crawl is for you. Brought to you by Scotland’s largest producer of comedy shows, you’re in good hands – with funny bones. So, assemble your crew, head to the starting venue, grab a beer and start your crawl. With a surprise comedian at each of the four bars, you’re in for a great night out – and a good cruise around town.

Séance | An Immersive Experience: if you like to challenge yourself and face your fears!

Image: Séance PR

And now for something completely different… If the idea of experiencing a show in a 40-foot shipping container… in complete darkness… doesn’t freak you out, Séance is for you. Truly emphasising the word, immersive, Séance combines the concept of a traditional séance with sound technology and sensory deprivation to “blur the bounds of perception and reality.” It is the first of a series of shows for the DARKFIELD project, exploring themes of fear and anxiety. Something really different.

Alcohol Is Good For You: if you’re questioning those big nights out

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Sam Kissajukian Facebook

Funny boy Sam Kissajukian will be talking up the merits of booze in his show, Alcohol Is Good For You Too, at the Hellenic Club WA and Rooftop Terrace Bar at Universal Bar. Grab a beer, have a giggle, but of course, always drink responsibly.

Forget About Pierre: if you need to laugh about getting dumped 

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Forget About Pierre PR

Had a bad break up or going through one right now? Soothe your soul, mend your heart and laugh your face off with the hilarious Jen de Ness in her show, Forget About Pierre. Having “got on the plane, got dumped and lived to tell the tale”, Forget About Pierre deals with loss and revenge, cabaret style. Everybody wins.

No Way Rosé: if you need a laugh at someone else’s expense!

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: No Way Rose Facebook

For all the (guilty-as-charged) rosé-hounds, yes way, rosé, No Way Rosé is the show for you. Comedian Rose Callaghan returns to Perth to debut her new show, which distills some of the best and worst things in her life while drinking and why Rosé is nicknamed “cougar juice”. Cin cin.

Let’s just hang out!

One of the best things about Fringe is checking out the fabulous pop-up props, indulging in a spot of people-watching and just soaking up the vibe. So if you haven’t got around to booking tickets for a show, you can’t decide what to see or you just feel like popping over for a post-work beverage, here’s a couple of fabulous spots where you can arrange to meet up with mates, to just hang…

The Palace Society at Noodle Palace

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Noodle Palace Facebook

Noodle Palace has moved to Elizabeth Quay, but you’ll still enjoy balmy summer vibes, while, this year, taking in stunning river views. You’ll be served up “live music, artist showcases, roving entertainment, visual arts and DJs”, so you can dance the night away under the stars. We recommend checking it out on a week night if you’re looking for a slightly older crowd!

Housewarming: artistic happenings and surprises!

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: The Blue Room PR

You’re all invited to The Blue Room Theatre’s Housewarming, where you’ll find “artistic happenings, surprises, music and dancing.” It’s free and open ‘til late. Just make sure you wipe your shoes on the welcome mat and make like good house guest.

The Pleasure Craft: pop-up performances and cool beverages

Guide to Fringe 2018

Image: Gage Roads PR

Love the idea of having a drink on a boat without getting seasick? Well, the Pleasure Craft has your name all over it. Salvaged from the bottom of the Swan River, the very gorgeous Pleasure Boat is a supercute vessel on which to down a few vessels, while soaking up Fringe vibes and listening to the pop-up performances on board!

So there you have it – get amongst it and start booking your tickets to FRINGE WORLD 2018.

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