Summer is the best time to reconnect with people you don’t see that often and get the your gang together for dinner.

However,  from personal experience, we know group dinners are one of those things that can be good in theory but bad in practice. Gathering a group of your closest friends to share a meal together sounds so wonderful when it’s suggested; however after the suggestion comes the logistics of actually making it happen. Where do we go? Will they have tables big enough? Will they do split billing? Is it easier to just do a set menu for everyone?

So, to the people who have drawn the short straw and been delegated the task of organising a group dinner, here are some recommendations that will hopefully make your life a little easier.

 The Apple Daily, Perth

The venue. The Apple Daily has very generous-sized booths that you could easily fit all your mates into, or a big square high table that can be booked for groups.

The menu. All the dishes are designed to share, making it great for a group dining experience; alternatively, the chef can create a special group menu, so all you need to focus on is what drink to order.


Image courtesy of Apple Daily

Image courtesy of Apple Daily

The Vineyard at Habitue, North Fremantle

The venue. This North Freo eatery is a culinary institution, and also happens to boast a beautiful little vineyard nook perfect for a group dinner.

Photo courtesy of Habitue

Photo courtesy of Habitue

The menu. Habitue offers a share-style menu for groups for $65 pp – so there’s no indecisive ordering or bill calculating at the end of the night.

Sauma, Northbridge

The venue. Sauma has a number of booths perfect for filling with a bunch of your nearest and dearest. Alternatively, they also have long dining tables or a big square high table to gather around.

Image courtesy of Sauma

Photo courtesy of Sauma

The menu. All their delectable street food dishes and curries are designed to share, creating a great communal dining experience. And they allow groups to do split billing, eliminating any need for a calculator at the end of the evening.

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